Motorsport mechanics education in Kouvola

Kouvola Adult Education Center will start a new course for motorsport mechanics in January 2019. Studies include basic and advanced studies as well as working life training period.

During the training planning process Kouvola Adult Education Center has had an honour to co-operate with the best experts in the field of motor sports mechanics, and based on that knowledge we have tailored the most extraordinary education program. The education program as such could not have been found anywhere else.

The program is aimed for persons who have good basic knowledge, practical skills and a previous suitable degree, and who are truly interested in working in the hectic and exiting world of motor sports. Working in the field of top sports and motor sport especially requires good attitude, commitment and hard-working touch at work.

Working life training period is organized in co-operation with formula 4 series in Russia, Estonia and Finland. This gives a great opportunity to get acquainted with the real and hectic world of motor sports.

Motorsports mechanics education combines two strong Finnish brands, motorsports and vocational education. In spite of its small size Finland has produced a great amount of rally drivers, formula 1 pilots, and other track pilots as well as motorbike drivers in various motorsports series. Throughout the years Finland has gained outstanding results in international educational comparisons and the vocational education is in the world class as well.

ComDe participates in the marketing of the education in Russia.

More information about the education in English.