The company is founded in the autumn 2011 for the purpose of providing the international educational services and consulting. We create a network of the best Finnish experts and the organizations offering educational services in the most different spheres.

We believe in cooperation as the global need for high-quality educational and intellectual services constantly increases. And it just what Finland can offer and what ComDe OY can organize.

In case of your interest in our services or in partnership, we are ready to discuss with you all possible options. Contact us


virve_305xVirve Obolgogiani
Company executive / owner
Helsinki / Kouvola, Finland
Specialties: economy, marketing, andragogy, manager of international travel and educational projects.
Experience:  more than 30 years (including 8 years of regular work in Russia).
Languages: Finnish, English and Russian.

Virve Obolgogiani conducts vigorous activity as a lecturer and brilliant speaker, showing profound knowledge of the subjects and giving the practical examples. Subjects of courses are:

  • Foreign experience of human resource management
  • Work with foreign clients and partners
  • Cultural distinctions and their influence on business culture
  • Creation of tourist programs for foreign clients

Contact information:; тел: +358 (0) 40 767 42 12

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Irina Shchukina

Project managerIrina IMG_1948 (00000002) p30 raj
St. Petersburg, Russia
Specialties: philology, pedagogics,
management of international projects in the field of exchange information and vocational education, development of enterprises.
Experience: 25 years.
Languages: Russian, English, German

Contact information:



Anton Koniukhovanton_305x

Project manager
Helsinki, Finland
Specialties: pedagogics, IT-technologies, international tourism.
Languages: Finnish, English and Russian

Contact information:


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