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ComDe OY sets as the purpose the Competence Development of the people and the organizations by means of export of knowledge and a transfer of educational technologies from Finland worldwide.

As it’s known Finland takes the leading positions in professional training and is one of points of innovative growth in Europe. We involve the best Finnish experts and we create round ourselves a network of the organizations offering educational services in the most different spheres.

Depending on the client’s task we provide training of experts, consulting, and introduction of know-how at the enterprises.

Our activity supports policy of import substitution in Russia: we help the Russian enterprises to organize or improve production of qualitative goods and food, to render modern hi-tech services.

Based on expertise in working on the Russian market we also provide training for Western companies for working in Russia.

As a part of the Finnish educational cluster of ESCEF  the ComDe OY company develops educational programs for different branches:  industry, logistics and transport, agriculture, construction, health care and social protection, education, a services sector and others.

In case of your interest in our services or in partnership, we are ready to discuss with you all possible options.

Ms Virvе Obolgogiani, + 358 (0) 40 767 4212/virve@comde .fi